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Bike Fit & Products

Why is an Aerobfit different?

Aerobfit is a multidisciplinary and technology progressive approach to finding the right position for you. Jay Borok uses his 20 years of experience as a multisport athlete and bike fitting certifications from F.I.S.T., Bikefit.com, Serotta International Cycling Institute and Retül to recognize the precise and unique needs of each cylist.

About Our Bike Fits

We start with an interview to understand your riding habits and goals. This ensures that your fit is appropriate for your riding style. The interview is followed by a physical assessment in search for any issues that may impact your fit. Then we work with you on the trainer to establish your position. We use both 2D and 3D Retül motion capture technology to measure your position. We also use a computrainer to monitor your power which provides insight into the effectiveness of the positional changes. Adjustments that may be necessary after your fit are included and given priority when scheduling. Learn more about Retül.

  • Aerobfit 3D $250, 3 hours+ $275 This multidisciplinary fit uses 2D and 3D Retül motion capture technologies to measure your position and computrainer to provide insight into the effectiveness of the positional changes. 
  • Pro Fit 2D $200, 3+ hours $225 This multidisciplinary fit uses 2D video analysis and the computrainer to find your best position. 
  • Pre Fit & Follow Up $300 - $400 Are you looking to purchase a new bike? This service will help you find the bike most suited to your size, speed and power profile through the use of a position cycle, bike purchase consultation and final fitting.

Other Services

  • Athlete Consultation and Pedal Stroke Evaluation: $80/hour 
  • Cleat Adjustment: $50


  • Cobb Saddles – Created by John Cobb, an industry leader since 1972, these saddles are known for their comfort and reasonable pricing.
  • ISM Saddles – ISM saddles are a sport favorite, found consistently on race bikes. These saddles are known for their sleek design and comfort for both male and female cyclists.
  • Profile Design Aerobars – A mainstay for the pro-athlete, this brand always features the leading trends within the world of multisports.
  • Shimano Pedals – One of the oldest companies within the sport, Shimano leads the cycling industry with latest and most relevant accessories for cyclists.

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