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Endurance Coaching

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy comes not only from 20 years of experience as a multisport athlete but from years of studying the science of training. Our approach to coaching is scientific and customized to your level and lifestyle. We understand that your athletic goals may compete with other parts of your life such as your job, relationships and family. Therefore, we create a unique and tailored plan with the objective of reaching your fitness goals. Some athletes may want to finish a race and some athletes may want a place on the podium, we will create a plan that suits you. We offer training plans for short course distance races, marathons, and sprint distance to ironman triathlons.

The Process

We begin the process with an interview to assess your goals and level within the sport. But we want you to interview us too! What do you want to get out of your coaching? You will receive weekly plans, private coach sessions to develop technique, and an opportunity to journal each training session. As your coach, Jay Borok will advise you on skills development, injury prevention, nutrition, gear, race plans and everything else you need to cross the finish line. We are committed to helping you arrive to the start line healthy, fit and prepared. View testimonials.

Meet your coach.