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Nothing says a good bike fit like feeling comfortable in aero for 4 hours. Jay was precise and took as much time as needed to get my bike set up so that it maximizes my comfort and power. As a coach I couldn't have more positive things to say about Jay. He has an incredible array of knowledge and helped guide me on everything from equipment, nutrition, injury prevention, and racing philosophies. Every time I step to the starting line I am confident in my preparedness and race plan. Working with Jay helped me PR at every distance I raced in 2011, including my first podium finish. I am even more excited what we will be able to accomplish in the future! Ben, NYC

As an athlete who has worked with Coach Jay for 5 consecutive seasons I have had several podium finishes and qualified for AG Nationals each year. He has a wealth of knowledge and extensive resume of race experience across varying distances of triathlons, running, and cycling races, almost all of which he has competed and excelled in himself. When you work with Jay you are not getting a cookie cutter program. He understands work/life balance, tailors a program to keep you healthy and not over-trained, with a thorough knowledge of heart rate training, nutrition, and pacing strategy. He is also one of the most highly respected bike fitters within NYC. You don't know how comfortable you can be until you receive a fit from Jay. Drew, NYC

I trained with Jay for my first Ironman. His approach to training was a revelation to me about what types of training are most important and what I am physically capable of doing. Jay’s plan was tough, to be sure, but nothing like the body-breaking, life-consuming, marathon sessions that everyone around me did as part of the lead up to Lake Placid. With his guidance, I showed up at the start line fit, strong, and uninjured. I achieved all my goals, and even set a new marathon PR! Jay understands triathlon training like no one I have ever met, and I am a faster and smarter athlete after working with him. Molly, NYC


You’re signing up for more than a bike fit with Jay. He brings several aspects to the table that can’t be matched by anyone else. He encourages you to speak up so he can listen to your needs. He’s an athlete who competes in various distances so he understands our bodies on the bike. He has years of coaching experience so he’s knowledgeable about the sport and training. Finally, he has state of the art technology in his studio to complete your bike fit. He has all the top certifications and years of expertise in fitting athletes on their bike. He welcomes your input at all times, and thrives when being asked to explain the process. This overall experience of getting a bike fit is amazing. I recommend Jay to anyone who wants to feel comfortable on their bike while learning from the best. Haggai, NYC